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31 years old

31 years old

By the time I realized I should document my 30 year milestone, I had become almost 31 already 🤭.

Since graduating college ten years ago, I prioritized career first. Strengh conditioning, software development, solopreneurship in SuperFit... I always ran headfirst towards something.

This past year though- that something was family, friends and Pickles 🐶.

I also played basketball like I was 20 again. (I just can't keep up with some of the 20-year olds... way too athletic).

I didn't deprioritize my career completely. Mid-year, I moved from Square as a "mid-level" engineer to Instacart— titled as a "senior" engineer. I miss the people I worked with on the Square for Restaurants team. I keep in touch with the friends I made there. And I'm honest to everyone about why I moved on: better pay and opportunity. Instacart is a great place too; for better or worse, the expecations are higher and I've learned much more.

Anyways, aside from work...

I spent a lot more time with Pickles 🐶.
I bought my first car!
we lived across the street... parking is usually never this empty... but this side was due for street cleaning that morning lol.

It was a Santa Fe plug-in hybrid. Very happy about my decision ⚡ since I didn't want a full EV as my first vehicle. It's a big SUV! It made for many fun weekend trips, and it made life easier moving out of Forest Hills.

Nicole and I moved to Little Neck.

We moved on the last week of 2022. We've got a lot of unpacking and cleaning to do. I'm certain that house life will be the central theme in our 2023 story.

I didn't even mention SuperFit yet.

SuperFit should have remained a passion side-business.... I probably realized this long ago, but couldn't admit it.

SuperFit app at end of 2022

Maybe that's how things stay until it's all over; I'll work on the app when I can, but it no longer takes up all my headspace. I haven't let the dream go, but I've separated my worth from its success & failures.

Onto 32!