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Accepted to The Flatiron School for iOS Development

It’s official- I got accepted into The Flatiron School for iOS Development this Summer. The Flatiron School is a 12 week immersive coding camp that provides admitted students with the practical skills necessary to work as professional web and mobile app developers. I just finished my second year as a strength coach for New York University, so the transition from sports performance to computer programming cannot be any faster. Nevertheless, I am extremely excited to get going with the program come June.

About a year ago, I had absolutely no background in computer programming. Like many other late bloomers learning computer programming, my only resources were books and the helpful people on TreeHouse and Code School- two very popular video-tutorial sites for beginners programmers which, in my opinion, helped me the most back when I started out. As my basic competence of the programming concepts grew, specifically in object-oriented programming, I soon realized that if I ever planned to write production level code, I would eventually need to let go of Gregg Pollack (listen to his story on founding Code School) and Amit Bijlani's virtual hand, so to speak, and learn from more personal instruction. The Flatiron School offers just that.

And while I am 100% certain that anyone can learn a programming language of choice on his or her own, I knew it would have been a long battle for me, considering I was still trying to digest basic HTML and CSS at the start of 2015. If I didn’t get into Flatiron, I would have done just that, trying to learn everything solo. As of this post, I am already one week in the program, and considering everything I’ve learned in just these five days— thank god I'm in.