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7 months at Square.

Working at Square is awesome.
7 months at Square.

Good news, I didn't get fired yet (imposter syndrome still wearing off).

I love the job. I have autonomy. I work from home. I get paid.

Emphasis on paid. Paid.

Not that I'm overpaid. I wish. I'm just thankful that I make a salary again.

The two years I bootstrapped SuperFit were transformative but defeating on my psyche.

My daily energy feels low. Pretty shot after a solid day's work.

Old Leo would have enough firepower to code or edit videos or [insert something productive]. New Leo, fucking shot by 6pm.

I try going to the gym to play basketball at least twice a week. Runs are decent; I get a good 1,500 calories in each night.

100 words in and I've talked about everything but Square.

I guess that's a good thing? No complaints. (but if I did, it wouldn't be here I guess :x)

7 months in at Square summary: I like the product, I enjoy the people. I feel thankful Square values my ability to write code and help them launch new things.

random picture of me nicole and pickles. bc why not.